Jerry Cantrell “Cut You In”

It was back in 1998, and while Alice In Chains were in hiatus, that Jerry Cantrell released his first (of two) solo album. Boggy Depot is a great set of songs, a grunge/blues/folk rock album, not as heavy as the AIC stuff, not as dark as Layne’s poetry either, but powerful, sincere and full of solid tunes.
Four years later, and after the demise of his bandmate and friend Layne Staley, J.Cantrell would release his second solo, Degradation Trip, a much heavier and darker double album saga, obviously marked by Staley’s death and the official end of their band. It’s interesting to listen to these two albums in a row and witness the change in their creator’s psychological state.
Of course, Jerry Cantrell and AIC would eventually return with a new lead singer, another seven years later, but that’s a whole different story.

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