Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir “Go Back Home”

Remember the days of the silent movie? Neither do we. But we wanted to recreate the vibe, man. What if the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir performed music for a silent movie? Might it be an obscure, public domain horror movie that has been re-edited and re-contextualized? Yes! Yes, it would! Pipe organ be damned! The not-so-classic Italian werewolf flick Lycanthropus (a.k.a. Werewolf in a Girls Dormitory) is given new life as a modern music video. Rather than exploit monsters and treat them as freaks, Go Back Home advances the zombie movie genre beyond the brain-eating, head-exploding, clichés and puts a sensitive, human face on the plight of the newly undead. Perhaps, the average zombie is an everyman just trying to make a buck and find true love. You can watch Lycanthropus in all its unedited glory here. It’s free because it’s in the public domain. Bonus.

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