About SPG

Southern Psych Groove: Roots & Branches of Rock n’ Roll

We are here to explore and promote music, related to the roots of rock n’ roll.

This blog is about, but not limited to, rock, folk, country, blues, and psychedelia. We tend to appreciate the dark side of music, the pagans, the goths, the poets and drunks. We also like to go back and forth in time and discover both new stuff and old, great covers and reinterpretations of the originals. We don’t care if a song has 2M views on youtube or a few hundred, if it sounds right we share it.

Every now and then check back for the SPG Mixtapes.

Every now and then also check back for the SPG Q&As, featuring bands and artists we watch at the moment.

If you feel the need to contact SPG, to submit music or suggest anything you see fitting send it to southernpsychgroove [at] gmail [dot] com. We’ll try to get back at you at some point, unless what you sent was totally irrelevant to what we’re dealing here. Please expect no answer in that case. To avoid that trouble have a look at what we usually post before you send anything.